Motor FAQ’S





1. What are the laws regarding motor vehicle insurance in Spain?

Spanish Law is similar to the road traffic laws in other countries throughout member states of the European Union – all vehicles using the roads must be insured for third party liability risks. All SIS Motor policies fully comply with the Regulations of all EU territories.
SIS is able to insure both UK and Spanish registered vehicles owned by expatriates in Spain, as the insurer is Lloyd’s of London. Lloyd’s is allowed, under the EU “Freedom of Services” Directive, to cross border service from the UK and Gibraltar and thus can insure UK registered cars driven in Spain. Equally Lloyd’s is “established” in Spain through the Spanish Regulatory Authority – the DGS – and therefore can also insure Spanish registered vehicles owned by expatriates living in Spain.

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2. If I am in Spain, can I drive a UK registered vehicle legally?

Yes providing you have not applied for, and received, “Residencia”, you can bring your UK registered vehicle with you when you come to Spain but by law you can only use it for six months in any calendar year in Spain. SIS can however continue to insure it for as long as you keep it in Spain.

Any Non-resident who changes to resident status after six months must either import the car into Spain, or sell it and buy a Spanish registered vehicle.

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3. Do I need to produce an MOT Certificate before I can obtain insurance for my UK registered vehicle?

We do not request sight of an MOT (or its Spanish equivalent ITV) before we insure you but there is a strict policy requirement that your vehicle is roadworthy at all times and you should also comply with the law of the country in which your vehicle is being used. Any breach of this could invalidate your insurance cover and failure to produce a certificate of roadworthiness may render you liable to prosecution and /or a fine by the authorities.

It was common in some areas of Spain for UK vehicles to be tested at the local ITV (MOT equivalent) centre but less and less ITV centres will now accommodate this. You should remember the ITV certificate will only demonstrate that the vehicle is roadworthy and it does not constitute an MOT certificate as required by UK law, so if you are stopped by the police it could lead to problems. So be sure you comply with the law and keep your vehicle in a roadworthy condition.

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4. Can I recover my uninsured losses?

An accident may not only affect your vehicle and the no claims discount under your policy, but it can leave you out of pocket. Costs such as the payment of your policy excess, hire car charges, additional travelling expenses, and the inability to work and claim earnings are all known as Uninsured Losses. In the UK when the accident is not your fault there is a strong chance that such costs can be recovered if you have opted to add legal assistance cover to your policy. Although in Spain things are slightly different, and each case is obviously different, if the accident was not your fault and your losses are adequately justified, they will normally be refunded by the culpable party´s insurer.

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5. Can I tow a trailer?

Yes, if it has been declared on your policy, it is not being used for commercial purposes and is within the limits allowed (750kg total weight). A small additional premium will be charged.
Your policy provides cover for legal liabilities while you are towing, but it doesn’t provide cover for damage to the trailer itself or the items being towed, nor does it provide cover whilst the trailer is detached from your vehicle. We recommend that you arrange separate cover for these risks.

If you are towing a caravan weighing over 750 kg or with its own registration number, you should arrange separate cover for it.

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6. Am I insured under my own policy if I drive someone else’s vehicle?

No. You must ensure that if you are driving a vehicle that does not belong to you that the owner of that vehicle has arranged for you to drive under the terms of their Insurance policy.

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7. What if I want to take my vehicle outside of Spain?

Your policy provides free foreign cover for temporary visits to all countries stated on your Green Card.

If you intend to stay in any EEA country other than Spain for longer than 3 successive months you should cancel your policy with us and arrange a new policy locally.

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8. What do I do if I want to include a temporary driver on my policy?

Your current schedule/certificate of Insurance shows who is covered to drive your vehicle. If you need to add a temporary driver for up to one month you can do this free of charge by contacting your agent or broker, as long as said driver is over 21 and has held a valid licence for over two years. However, If the driver does fall outside of the age limits on the policy, the excess will be doubled whilst he/she is behind the wheel.

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